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We cherish transparency, honesty, communication. We trust and respect each other and we all settle challenges when they occur.

We strive to continuously build a stronger company. We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise. We are culturally sensitive as we are building a team representing our clients.

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Our Services

We offer services in various key areas.

Mine medical – R440.00

Lead Blood Test – R300.00

Heights Medicals – R500.00

This medical is focused on the employee working in the food industry. – R270.00

  • General health Questionnaire
  • Chronic Illness and Family Health questionnaire
  • Occupational History
  • Social History
  • Full Physical examination
  • Vital signs
  • Vision screening: Snellen chart
  • Spirometery (Lung Function Test) if working in exposed areas- cold , chemicals, dust. Alternative: PFR with wrights Peak Flow meter plus interpretation
  • Audiometry (Hearing screening according to SANS 10083: 2013)
  • Urine Test : Multi 10 and Multi 5 drugtest.

In cases where it is required, Chest x Rays, Hep B screening (blood, Urine and stool specimen), screening for TB.

Construction Medical with Drug Testing – R450.00

Audio & Spirometry – R250.00

Audio Test – R125.00

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