The Importance of doing an Exit Medical.

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The Importance of doing an Exit Medical.

May 18th, 2018

When an employee terminates your employ, either through full employment or temporary employment, an exit medical assessment can help ensure that you and your employee are both covered.  This is especially helpful when an employee is exiting a position involving high-risk chemicals, noise, challenging physical environments or other safety issues on site.

There is a history where ex-employees have filed Workers Compensation claims against a previous employer months after they have left. If there is a mechanism of injury or exposure but no evidence on the health status of the employee at the time they leave an organisation, compensation claims can be difficult to dispute.

An exit assessment is part of the risk management and can assist organisations defend claims, while also attending to the risk of the employee.

Regardless of the exit reason of an employee,  employers should ensure that an exit medical is arranged. This will assist and help prevent future risk for your company. A qualified OHS Practitioner must issue the exit medical certificate.

An Exit medical and what it entails. 

When an Exit medical is done it is usually depended on the  nature of the employment, however the assessments that might be covered are:

  • Physical Medical Test – Inclusive of Blood work, especially if employee had been exposed to metals and other hazardous material such as lead and manganese
  • Hearing Tests
  • Spirometry (Lung Tests)
  • Blood pressure
  • Sugar levels
  • Urine
  • Drug or Alcohol Tests
  • Vision Tests

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