Objectives of an occupational health service.

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Objectives of an occupational health service.

April 26th, 2018

Each company should have their own policy statements regarding the health of their employees.  This can only be as good or as bad as the guidelines each company offers to their employees. Successful Health Services require definite commitment from the management of each company.  They should also strive to establish a healthy and safe environment for all their employees.  The adage of “out of sight out of mind” should not even enter the thought of any employer or employee.  Although the personal health is the responsibility of each individual, the company must make sure that each person has a health record that is compliant to their company policies at all times.   This constitutes safe working conditions for all and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The Objectives of occupational health principles should embody the following five principles.

  1. The Protection and prevention principle – protecting employees and management from health hazards.
  2. The Adaptive Principle – adapting the working environment to the capabilities of employees.
  3. The health promotional principle – the concerned promotion of physical and psychological social well-being of workers.
  4. The curative and rehabilitative principle – minimizing the consequences of occupational hazards, accidents and injuries. This is in conjunction with occupational related diseases.
  5. The primary health care principle – the general health care services for employees.

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