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Our clinic operating hours are from 08h00 to 16h30, weekdays.

In pre-arranged circumstances, we do open on Saturdays or remain open later or earlier.

Annexure 3 is a document similar to the certificate of fitness, the template is found in the construction regulations, as it is a requirement for all construction workers to have Annexure 3.

Annexure 3 is completed by the employer, identifying the risks, exposures and applicable PPE for the given job. The employer supplies the Annexure 3 to the Occupational Health Practitioner, who then performs the medical screening according to the Code of Practice for that job.

When employees change jobs, there should be a new Annexure 3 and medical test.

The medical documents at our clinic will be kept in safekeeping for 40 years, as prescribed by law.We will archive the folders if you have not attended the clinic in 18 months.

The copies which were supplied to your employer will remain in your personnel folder for the time prescribed to the employers.

Unless you pay for your own medical testing, we consider the medical the property of the employer. You will have been assessed for a specific risk and exposure group, which may not be applicable to your new job, leaving you at risk of injury or performing a job you are not fit to do.

We release the certificates of fitness as soon as the payment is verified. If you are a driver/ operator or you have to work in a harnass, doctor needs to assess the medical, and it will take up to 48 hours. Please p-lan well in advance. We will give you proof of the medical has been done.

Our schedule allows for appointments and for walk in clients. If you have an appointment and you are on time, we will see to you as soon as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will have to wait your turn, as we will progress with the next client.

We accept cash, we also have a YOCO, where we add the bank costs, or you can eft prior to the appointment.

Our Financial responsible person will let you complete forms, your credit status will be verified before we grant you an account. All medial fitness tests are only release upon payment and verification thereof.

The General Safety Regulations of the OSHA, 2A refers to intoxication. Most companies have a ZERO tolerance policy, and if an employee is tested positive for a substance, he will be declared unfit for work until he is clean. The company policy affects the decision.

According to the Protection of Personal information Act, no information may be divulged without written consent from the employee. Certain information will conditionally be shared if consent is given, but the confidential information will not be shared.

The employee will be informed regarding sharing of information, and he/ she has a right to consent or refuse.

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