Conducting a Pre-employment medical assessment.

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Conducting a Pre-employment medical assessment.

April 20th, 2018

Why is it important for your company to do Pre-medicals on employees before they start?

Employing the right person for the position for your organization is always very challenging, as they need to fit certain criteria.

Your company must be informative about the following;

  • Whether they are medically fit for the position they have been appointed.
    • During an interview the question of the potential employee’s health issues might be discussed, but often times, the potential employee either does not disclose their medical problems as they are uncertain how it will affect their chances of the employment.
  • Is it very important that a Pre-medical be done before any offer of employment is made?
    • Yes, for example – If they have High Blood Pressure, although it is controlled, it will  have an effect on the decision to employ the candidate
    • Depending where the person will be utilized, it might or might not be a problem.
  • Sometimes through lack of not having regular medical check-ups, the potential candidate might not even be aware that they have health issues.
    • That is the why it is very important that the company eliminates any potential risk factor on the onset.
    • Through a thorough pre-medical examination, a company will be able to ascertain how a potential employee will contribute towards the productivity of their organization and eliminate any potential risks to the company.
  • Will they fit into the culture of the organization and fit into the current employee mix.
    • If the company is fast paced and the employee is laid back, then this is not a good match. The laid back person will be stressed out and not perform well.  If the employee is a high blood pressure candidate then this is a very big risk to the company and to the potential employee.

The next question should be – What steps should the company take to eliminate the risk factor.

  • As an employer, you may want a detailed analysis of your employees’ health status that will identify any existing conditions that might interfere with doing their job.
  • A Pre-Employment Medical Health assessment can also help you to employ people who are able to perform tasks safely, minimizing the risk of injury or potential risk to themselves and low risk for your company.
  • Once an employee is employed it is also highly recommended that employees are sent for annual medicals especially if they are in key positions.
    • This assessment ensures that their health remains at the desired level for optimum performance




What Does It Involve?

  • It ensures that the most suitable Health Assessment tests that suit your company and your needs are conducted.
  • These tests ensure that if there is any existing health condition, they will be identified before the employee commences the position, and so will eliminate potential risks.
  • To ensure that the prospective employees are physically capable of performing the jobs assigned to them.
  • To identify any existing health conditions of employees especially the ones that require long term care and management.
  • To ascertain the suitability of any employee before a transfer or when he/she is promoted to another position with different work conditions.
  • These assessments are valuable for any organization as they protect both employer and employees and bring transparency to both.

This usually varies depending on the type of organization and the Job Profile or expectation of the position.

  • A health questionnaire
  • Audiometry Testing
  • On-site and off-site Drug Testing
  • On-site and off-site Breath Alcohol testing
  • Spirometry standard Pre Employment Medical test will include:
  • Urine analysis
  • Height, weight and body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse)
  • Respiratory System (lung functionality)
  • Vision (Near, Distance and Colour)

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